Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dappled Alley-10x8

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One of my fave alleys in town. love the feel of the scene. its got that laid back keys vibe and sun. one sort of like it sold (and the one below) yesterday at the plein air competition.

Customs House-10x8
Lovin' doing these street scenes in Old Town Key West. the city is so vibrant. there's always lots of street traffic, scooters scooting, and the bike population is in the thousands. Tour trolleys and bicycle tourguides escort tourists day and night. there's an excitement here and how can you not like painting on the streets listening to Jimmy Buffet songs by local musicians playing in the bars and clubs day and night too.
on this one i started with big masses of colors and once i was happy with that i started adding the little people, street signs, cars and palm trunks. a dash here, shape there makes it look more detailed than it really is


Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Awesome, Mike! Enjoy the Keys.

Steve said...

Sweet, Mike. I can "hear" the quiet in that little corner. Congratulations on your wet-paint sales, too. I reckon yesterday is a day you won't soon forget!

mike rooney studios said...

carol- thanks, glad you liked it.its one of my fave places to paint right now, having done three already!

steve- youre right that ones hard to forget. are you in marathon yet?

Steve said...

Mike, yes, I'm here. I sent you an email.

Tracy Bell said...

Love this one. You are a pro at geting the most information per square inch! Congrads on your new gallery. Go guy!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks tracy!