Saturday, February 27, 2010

Keys Sunrise-6x8-SOLD

woke up at 5 am the other morning and felt like there might be a great sunrise and headed out. i was rewarded with this painting!

Frances and Angela St-16x20
if you like this one email me for price and availability
*may go to Gallery on Greene

here's something i've been working on for a day or two.
below i show you how to be brave and scrape off 1/3 of the painting if its not working!

as i was painting away i noticed that the whole building section was drawn wrong and not to mention the cars over on the left. grab that palette knife and scrape all that work away. hey if its not working there's no sense leaving it. as stapleton kearns says (another blogging painter) and i'm paraphrasing, "there are far too many average paintings out there. we dont need anymore". so i was ruthless and took out the offending passages. all this because the one roof was too high.

here you can see where i've redrawn it in with magenta and started re-blocking in the passages. see that really light line on my row of cars. thats my perspective line so the cars are drawn in, in perspective. the whole scrape down and re-paint didnt take but 30 minutes, but could have been the difference between it selling and staying on the wall at the gallery.
in the final i also moved the curb over closer to the houses, added a pole, darkened the street so the sidewalk doesnt look like it goes all the way up and into the background. thats supposed to be road back there, but it looks like an extended sidewalk. check out how the fix did the trick by scrolling back up to the finished pic.
hope this helps you be more daring about scraping something out if its not working. thats what painters do.... scrape and paint, scrape and paint, scrape and paint.


Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Beautiful job, Mile and a great post!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Beautiful work Mike! I just found you via Mary Chamberlin...I'll be back!

mike rooney studios said...

carol-thanks. i think its important when we blog to show the mistakes and the things that arent working as well as the ones that "fall off the brush". glad you liked it!

saundra- thank you and hope you come back often