Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Southernmost Southermost House-8x6-SOLD

This is the southernmost house in the U.S.

there was once another house with the title 'southernmost house' then the owner of this one built hers 18'' more south and its called the "southernmost, southernmost house"

thats one-upmanship to the max!

View of Fleming St. -8x10

contact me if you like this one and i'll give you the price and availability

this one will be in the Plein Air Exhibition at the Studios of Key West from now until the 15th of march.

Today had the key wester's bundling up with scarves and jackets. i had shorts on and a t-shirt. they can tell i'm not from here when i dress like its summer and theyre in winter mode when its 50 degrees! i met a couple today from New Jersey and they were dressed like me. they said it was averaging around freezing everyday where they live. they thought it was a heat wave today.

Just got some good news! both my paintings sold up in provincetown, cape cod! one 12x16 brought the highest price i've ever sold one that size for--$800. not bad considering he starts the bidding at $200 and he valued it between $250 and $500. and to think i almost passed on the auction owners offer to carry my work! then i found out he sells all the living and dead Cape Cod School of Art artists, and wolf kahn and emile gruppe. selling paintings is great for obvious reasons but when you sell with greats who use your technique (or should i say, i use their technique) its twice as cool! but i always remember that you can go from hero to zero overnight so i've got to give the glory to God and not take myself too seriously. if i can just keep doing what i'm doing, in the places i'm doing it....thats enough for me!


sharondigiulio.blogspot.com said...

Absolutely LOVE "View of Fleming Street"! Great job. Love the shadows and everything about it. You know my birthday was Jan 31st, just so you know...haha!

The Artist den said...

really blessed to see that you trust God and are thankful. The things here are just temporal anyway! Even cool art! Ha!

mike rooney studios said...

sharon-thanks! glad you liked that one.i had in mind to get you the same thing this year for your birthday as i did last year lol

dean- to Him be the glory

Linda said...

Love "View of Fleming Street." The colors are beautiful and I love that painterly look that your paintings have.

Congratulations for selling your work! It does give a high. I think all artists - selling or not - are blessed to be working at something we love.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for the nice words about fleming street. we are blessed for sure.