Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cottages by the Sea-9x12

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Think i discovered how to get the complexity i've been craving without losing the "plein air spontaneity" i love by not laboring over them, and usually killing them. just fix the inevitable problems that will be contained in a piece done outside in the studio. duh! alot of times i was dropping off the paintings to galleries literally minutes after completing them, warts and all. no more. in my quest for not producing average paintings, taking up the quality a few notches, i will take em back to the studio, ponder over them, correct them, do whatever's necessary. take time and convenience out of the equation. take whatever time is necessary for that piece to be the best it can be.
on this one i corrected really hard edges and super dark phone poles, so they werent the first thing you saw when you looked at the painting, added subtle temperature shifts to the road, especially up front to show depth (less details in farther objects) and darkened the houses in shadow to make a more cohesive shadow grouping. punched up the red stop sign, and lightened the roof with the chimney, making that area the focal point, hardest edges, biggest value contrast, so you'd look in that area of the painting first.
More thoughtful paintings. i need to say that over and over to myself. more thoughtful paintings.... i was slavishly following what i saw outside. nature is beautiful and inspiring but i'm learning that she rarely gives you what you need for a good painting, without changing what you see some. glad i found this out now and not after producing tons of "accurate" but average paintings
hope you all reading this internal struggle are enjoying it. This painting stuffs hard! the more i do it, the harder it gets. whats up with that?!


Julie said...

Love that one! Glad to know that the learning process continues. I'm just beginning. I'm always inspired by your what you do. Trying to teach myself how to add more of my own touch to what I see. Thanks for sharing your struggle...and your art. Always love seeing it!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks julie- trying to keep the blog real. life and art are struggles. reality is we have to have them to make the victories sweet right? paint every chance you get and if you do it enough your "touch" will be all over it effortlessly.

Pat said...

These paintings are beautiful but I think all your paintings are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your struggles and and your step by step process. I love that.
I agree with you...painting is hard work and the more you learn the harder it gets. Also when will your new video be available?I'm anxious to get one.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks pat- i enjoy explaining the process and its great to know someones getting something out of it. ive got five dvd's available so if you email me i can tell you about them. thanks

patricia walsh said...

I love the composition of this one - I have found that the lessons learned when painting from life translate into the studio quite well. When planning a composition or mixing a color, all of that knowledge gleaned outdoors or from the model comes rushing back and shapes my process/work. Keep on keeping on - you are certainly willing to gather the knowledge and your work shows it!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks patricia- i really really love what i do. from learning to do it to standing out there and doing it. i even love blogging about it! thanks