Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Seam Shoppe-8x10-SOLD

The Best Little Seam Shoppe in Key West. Thanks for the parking place for my truck and my bike, the meals, the aloe for my burn, food, and your friendship cindy and doug. y'all the best in the Conch Republic.


to my dealer in new bern, Jan at Carolina Creations, who just got down here today from NC. we're going to paint up key west together for a day or two before i have to head back up next week.

i'm teaching a workshop saturday in raleigh at jerry's artarama. there are a few spots left and if youre interested call them or email me and we'll get you a spot reserved. the classes usually fill up the week of, so let me know......


Sharon DiGiulio said...

Love "The Best Little Seam Shoppe in Key West"! Sounds like you had a great two months. It was fun reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks sharon!