Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miss Meredith-6x8


Blue Glimpse- 9x12


Back at it in NC. Swansboro to be exact. Whenever you travel and paint, for some reason there's a readjustment period. when you go to florida, it takes a few days to paint the local color, trees, vibe, etc. before you feel comfy. same applies when you come back to NC. i wanted to go somewhere familiar and comfortable to ease back in. there was no readjustment period today, i'm glad to report. fell right in and came out with one i love. the pavement and all its subtle shifts, the loose but accurate drawing and the colorful shadows and spots of color. caught the time of day too. overall i really like this one. the one above (the Miss Meredith) was the second of the day.

like you've seen me say in previous posts... i'm slowing the pace down and working hard at doing better work and not lots of it. this is a big shift after painting approximately 15-20 paintings a week for four years. now i want to do one or two really fine paintings a day. i want to do some thumbnail sketches (something ive never done before) and really think the painting through!

now we'll see if what ive heard over and over is true. its been said there are folks out there willing to pay more than bargain basement prices for really good art. this will be the year i test that theory. if i'm at Lowes home improvement store next winter tellin you what aisle the nails are in, you'll know i messed up! LOL


Anonymous said...

Mike- it's all a process, isn't it.

It's the years of doing a lot that can bring you so successfully to doing fewer and " better ".
You've put in the road time.
It may be time to pop your DVD back in for a Rooney refresher.

Unknown said...

Well done on both paintings. I'd say you made the adjustment well.

mike rooney studios said...

bonnie- thanks. definately put in the miles of canvas and ive got the t-shirts to prove it!
wondered where you went. thanks for popping in.

kelley- thanks. i usually take a day or two to feel "normal" but got right into the swing of things first day. appreciate the nice words. thanks