Friday, July 9, 2010

More Previews from the Upcoming Show

Nauset Beach-8x10

Morning Shadows- 8x10
$800 framed

Hydrangea's and Picket Fence- 8x10

Harbor Reflection- 8x10
$800 framed

if you like any of these contact me or Rowley Gallery, Orleans, Mass. and we'll presell and ship to you a few weeks into the show


DGehman said...

A great series. Huge expenditure of energy, but if there's anyone on the Cape with money, these should fly off the wall.

Quintessential Cape views and the 2 hours you spent slogging gear paid off for the Cape view.

Trying to figure out how I could get there (it's 2 hours each way from my place to Orleans, and more if anyone's on the road - and everyone will be on the road)

Klinger Studios said...

Mike- As I'm reading your blog - a UPS driver just delivered your floral dvd to me. I've got 'em all now!Thanks! And good luck on your opening. I hope you sell out!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks dgehman- hope you can make it.

christine- hope you enjoy the dvd.and thanks for the wellwishes on the show.

DGehman said...

Made it after all - and what wasn't clear to me until I saw all these on walls and easels in the tiny gallery... is the uniformly high quality of the work. Not a clinker in the bunch.

Some were real tour de forces: From the Heights (sold this morning) with its flash of sun on the water... no idea how the overall colors were dimmed sufficiently to make the flash work - without making the whole scene too dark for a sunny day.

The gallery did some interesting things: Hydrangeas and Picket Fence on an easel; below it, a vase with hydrangeas...

In all of them, strong lights, strong colors - made some of the other art in the gallery (much of it staccato, broken-brush work) seem querulous and underpowered.

A good crowd - wives ogling the paintings, husbands cooling their heels in the refreshment tent.

And a good crowd. Tried to get some candid pix of Mike working the crowd. He kinda made everyone feel like they were the only one he was talking to.

Good show.

mike rooney studios said...

dave- first i want to thank you for driving all that way from the other side of boston to see the show. that made my night.
and i'm really glad you liked the work.
and youre right, Liz (the owner of the gallery) is the consumate professional and the gallery and reception were first rate from the flowers to the hostesses. wish we could have talked more but as you well know i like to get around and speak to everyone who made the effort to get dressed up and come out to see the show.
thanks again for coming and i'll see you at the workshop in Rhode Island in october. i'll show you how to get that "sparkle" :D