Thursday, July 8, 2010

Its all over but the Cryin'

From the Heights-8x10

End of the Road-8x10

Cape Curve-8x10

Cape Bay View- 8x10

Brewster Flats-8x10

Hooray. the marathon paint-out is over. the 12 paintings are painted, tweaked, titled, photographed, framed, signed, inventoried, and even hung on the wall, posted on this blog (and her website) ready for the opening Saturday night. its funny that most people (except gallery owners and the painters) dont know that you spend as much time, if not more time looking for the spot to paint, framing and all the other assorted duties than you do actually painting the actual painting. shoot! i pushed a bicycle with all my gear strapped to it for over two miles thru the dunes, to get to the beach where i painted "Cape Bay View"!

Had an unheard of 7 straight days of sunshine and blue skies, not once did it cloud up where i couldnt paint.

Peak of the Bay- 8x10

now that theyre handed over to Liz, my job is over and hers begins. now we gotta sell these babies!

i'll post the rest in a day or two.


Douglas Hoover said...

Wow, Mike. It looks like your paint-out was certainly worth it. These are gorgeous paintings! Really capturing the moment, buddy. Best of luck at the gallery

mike rooney studios said...

doug- thanks man! having a blast in the land of Cod. theyre just like ocracoke folks, they love their island. you'd love painting up here! thanks for the wellwishes

Frank Gardner said...

Dude, pushing your bike for two miles through the dunes is not very easy. Should have just left it by the road and come back for it. No one would have taken it.
How did the show go?