Monday, July 26, 2010

The Restructuring of Galleries

as blogwatchers who have been following my antics since january know, i've been slowing down my painting production. the idea behind this was to slow down and do less, albeit better, paintings and sell them for more money. doing this means i have less paintings to spread around and have to make some hard decisions about getting out of some of my galleries.

now that i've picked up two new galleries, one in Cape Cod and the other in Key West, i knew this day would come.

if youre in a gallery, they deserve your absolute best work and if you think you might not be able to give them your best (or enough of it), you might be in too many galleries. to remedy this you have to look dispassionately at which ones you might have to let go. many things factor into this decision and its never an easy one. in many cases you become friends with your dealers and nobody enjoys it when you "break up" LOL. the thing for both sides to remember is that its not personal, just business.

after much consideration ive had to make the unpleasant decision to leave Fountainside Gallery, my wilmington NC gallery. they have been wonderful to work with and i appreciate all they've done for me. i wish the owner denise (and Sandy and Linda) nothing but the best!

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Justin Holdren said...

That's a tough decision to make Mike. I am in 3 small galleries, and because I work full time too, that spreads me pretty thin. I can't imagine painting quality work for a dozen galleries like you do. Keep up the good work!