Sunday, January 30, 2011

US 1 at 5:30-6x8

$99 plus $10 s/h
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Fleming St. Late Afternoon-8x10

Quiet Lane- 8x10
i think this will be on the invitation to the show we're mailing out

Angela St. Morning Light- 8x10

some of my recent paintings headed to Gallery on Greene for the march show. Ive been painting lots of small color studies to see how i like the composition, color harmonies, and to get to know the subject intimately. this really helps when it comes time to bring out the bigger panels. thing is you have to go the next day or two later at most. after that the experience and the memory fades quickly.

I'm working on a 12x16 based on the above Angela St. Morning Light painting. got the underpainting done this morning and i'll go back tomorrow morning and finish it. having done the 8x10 first really made this morning flow! i'll post the 12x16 when i finish it. i'm ahead of schedule for getting the show stuff done in time. i paint every day of the week that the sun is shining. you never know if we'll get a rainy streak and not paint for days on end. i dont want to take that chance!


Klinger Studios said...

Mike- Love the looseness of the Angela St. piece!

mike rooney studios said...
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mike rooney studios said...

thanks christine- there's so much to paint here that i could stay years painting everyday and just scratch the surface!