Wednesday, January 19, 2011

View of the Armory-6x8-SOLD

think i'm going to quit the Ebay auction format. i know i wouldnt want to have to watch a painting for seven days or go thru the rig-a-ma- roll to go to ebay, bid, wait, etc. When i want a painting online i want to buy it right that minute. dont know how many found me just thru ebay but i suspect it wasnt many so we'll try it "click and Buy" on here for now.

this old building used to house troops and act as a lookout spot up in those towers. you can see out all over the island from up there. today it houses the Studios of Key West where i teach some classes. the second story houses artists studios. cool building and great organization. if you come down this winter any, check it out, White and Southard St.


Denise Rose said...

This is very nice Mike. I love the yellow color of that building. Really yummy color!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks denise. yellow can be a tricky color in the shadow. it has to look cool and darker but not too dark or too light or too brown.

Robert Sutton said...

I start eBay and you quit. LOL. I met Petter V. on the walk on white. I mentioned that I'm starting to auction off my paintings on eBay starting at one cent and no reserve and he gave me the same eyes Nance did. Oh well, we all have our own strategy.

However, you can always keep the eBay format and simply include a buynow option on it. If you do that though you'd have to go throughthe rigamaro of taking the button off your blog.

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