Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where ya been?

got a few emails wondering if i was still alive. they said i never went this long without posting on the blog. yes i am alive. alive and very well as a matter of fact.

as i write this post i'm on the 6th floor in an oceanfront room looking out over the ocean as the sky turns a pretty shade of lavender with just a hint of magenta at the top then on into a baby blue cloudless sky. how did i end up here? courtesy of the Wilmington Art Association. a very nice group of artists having a show and they asked me to be the judge. after work i went kiteboarding out back behind the hotel. this is a tuff gig i'll tell you.

gotta run right now but just wanted you to know that i didnt end up in a ditch on the way back from Key West. and thanks to those who wondered. nice to know i wont leave the earth without at least two people wondering where i went LOL

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Barbara Bear Jamison said...

Thank you for jurying and awarding prizes to create such a wonderful show for the Wilmington Art Association. We had artists come by today as the accepted work was being hung for the weekend opening saying the show was thrilling to see, and those who were just passing by and dropped in cannot wait to come back this weekend. We have you to thank for this!