Friday, May 20, 2011

Swansboro Glimpse Mid May-16x20

just SOLD at Tidewater Gallery

one of the goals i set for myself this year was to start painting larger. ive done several 12x16's that have sold well so i'm bumping it up to 16x20.

did this in two sessions. the first day i went out and did the underpainting with special emphasis on really accurate drawing, getting the proportions of things right, as well as the value structure of the painting. like i always stress in my workshops--if you do everything else right on the painting and dont draw it well it will look like... well you know.

the second day i went out and put the color on it. separating into a drawing/value session and a session concentrating on accurate color keeps everything from rushing at you too fast at the beginning (the critical time). going to put this one in a sweet frame in dark expresso with a nice gold fillet. cant wait to see it in the frame on the gallery wall (or better yet on somebody's wall at home) ;D


Delilah said...

Wonderful work

mike rooney studios said...

thanks delilah!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love it. The values make it feel right and I appreciate the tutorial. I also need to paint larger which I used to do but I've become so comfortable with the small paintings that large seems.....too large :D
It's beautiful.