Friday, August 19, 2011

House Sketch #0811-8x8-SOLD

high thin clouds cause this one to have soft shadows and a coolish light key. sometime wish it was always sunny and cloudless but then i think, wow, that would get old after a while. the challenge is getting the overcast, milky, or downright gray days and making the painting believable. being true to temperatures in the color mixtures is the key. sensitivity to the chroma (saturation) is also key for nailing any lighting key. henry hensche and charles hawthorne from the cape cod school of art drilled this into their students. wish i had attended the school before it closed in the very early 90's. i had to get what i know about it from books and the internet.its cool that for a few weeks, i'm painting on the streets just yards sometimes from where they taught.


Carol L. Adamec said...

Hi, Mike,
I loved what you said about "making the painting believable."

I've worked long and hard at painting, thinking that "realism" = "photographic." And once I achieved that, found the results lifeless and false looking!

There's plenty to learn in "making the painting believable" and the payoff is liveliness. Thanks to your blog, I see great examples of where I would like my work to go.

Thank you for sharing your work.

Jerry Stocks said...

This is a beautiful painting. I especially love the light on the side of the house.