Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Figure Study 1/24-SOLD

hooray! life drawing sessions have started back up and i've been looking forward to painting the figure for months. we have about 8 or 9 regulars who show up with everything from pastel, to gouache, to ink, charcoal, and today there was another oil painter besides me. these classes are fantastic for working on your chops drawing and quickly laying down color. they hold the pose for only 30 minutes so ya gotta be quick and decisive. figure studies really help my painting, whether its plein air or still life. they say if you can draw the figure, you can draw anything.


Marla said...

That's super pretty. You've got the same Key West color palette even indoors :)

RENE said...

Mike, it's very nice!! Got to the sale late!! I enjoyed your teachings at KW...looking forward to a new adventure...(Rene)