Monday, January 30, 2012

A Corner in the Keys-SOLD


ever have a painting that you love when you get it into the studio from out in the field, and then murder it working on it "just a little more"?

 thats what i did on this one. i was very fond of it till i played with it a little too long one evening from memory. when i was done, the more i looked at it the more i hated it. what went wrong? just a few hours before it was a keeper and now i want to scrape it all off and re-gesso the board.

i decided to let it dry, tape some clear plastic over half of it, and repainted the big shapes on the plastic. this time darker on the trees, and lighter and cleaner color on the boats in shadow, and darkening the reflections in the water. you see my hand there on the right? i'm pulling back (from left to right) the plastic. see the darker trees and shadows.  when i stood back, it made a huge difference in the painting.

 putting on the plastic and painting on it lets you try out things without trashing the painting underneath. if you dont like whats on the plastic, wipe it off and try something else. when you have something you like, duplicate that on the original painting.

what i was doing mucking around in the studio was lightening (and cooling) the trees and reflection without realizing it.inadvertantly lessening the contrast to 1/3 of the painting and changing the relationship between shapes in the area of contrast, color, and temperature is not what you want happening if you have any hope of a decent painting. 

easy explanation? stuff was out of whack! i'll post it when i've got everything fixed. if i dont kill it that is  :D

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Gee..I've never done that ;)
A lesson for us all Mike. LEAVE IT ALONE!