Friday, January 27, 2012

$75-Red Doors-6x8

$75 plus $10 s/h
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while i'm standing painting these paintings the Conch Train is always going by giving the tourists the history of key west. its the key west version of the charleston carriage rides. 

as i was doing this cool two story house with red doors, the conch train goes by. he says "see that building with the red doors? that used to be the roughest bar in florida. when you went in, back then, they'd ask you, 'Do you have a gun? you'd answer no and they'd give you one!"

 i always wonder how much is true of what these guys say but that one just sounds too incredible to be true doesnt it?
SOLD- a 7x9 commission piece for the new owner of this cool house on the corner of fleming st.


jimmy craig womble said...

Hi Rooney! Looks like you are in the swing now!! Great work, man. I have created a page on Facebook for my stuff, it's the closest to a blog that I can get. Check it out- I just posted about my favorite bar in Bfort, where I just rented a studio!! Can you believe it?! . Call me soon! Much to talk about, brother.

mike rooney studios said...

posted on your FB wall. will call soon to catch up. keep slingin' that paint!

Grace | employment posters said...

Dear Rooney,

Your house portraits are great. I hope I have enough money to purchase them all (: