Sunday, April 22, 2012

SOLD-Other Side of the Tracks-7x9

note: pleased to announce that i'll be one of the featured artists in the Cape Cod Life Arts Edition. the magazine will hit the newstands nationwide in early june. the article was superbly written by mary grauerholz and will go out to the magazine's subscribers worldwide. i'm so honored to be included. the cape cod market is hard to break into and twice as hard if youre not a fulltime resident. a big thanks to my gallery owner Liz Rowley at Elizabeth Rowley gallery for making this happen after just a few years selling up there. Thanks Liz, youre the best!

the painting above was done while i was "crawling around" looking for something to paint in raleigh. i spotted this view while crossing over a bridge on boylan avenue. i love the railroad track signals against the majestic raleigh skyline in late spring.


Unknown said...

Your works are outstanding. Really enjoy your blog. It will be great to receive your updates via email. Thank you for sharing your work. Great Blog!

Karsten's Fine Art said...

Congratulations! Great job in Cape Cod!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks tj and karsten