Thursday, November 15, 2012

SOLD-Color and Shadows-6x8

can you tell what i dream of (and paint) when its rainy and cold here in nc? thats right-- sunny 80 degree lanes that are tropical, lush, and colorful. just to the north of havana in fact!
i did this one from a study i did last year. like the looseness in this one. this may end up painted even larger and shipped to a florida gallery? dont know yet
i filmed a new dvd about "Understanding and Mastering Values" for Jerrys Artarama yesterday. it'll take a few months to get edited and into the stores (and catalogue) and i'll let you know here when theyre available. also did a bunch of Free Art Lessons. they wont take as long to get online. you can go to the website and look around in a few weeks. others i did previously are on there now if you havent seen my FAL's before. theyre fun 5-7 minute mini lessons on tons of painting subjects. 


Carol L. Adamec said...

Hi, Mike,
I've watched some of your short videos on the Jerry's Artarama site. Very informative and helpful. And I purchased a few of your DVDs too. I like your easy going instruction style.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks carol. i love doing the free art lessons and dvd's! glad youre enjoying them

Klinger Studios said...

Same here. I think I may have all your dvds now (except new one) and have enjoyed a few of the freebies - thanks for doing them. I like this painting too - love the looseness, the light shadows, and the light on that tree!

Angela said...

I Love this little painting! So sad that it had already sold. Maybe next time!