Thursday, November 29, 2012

SOLD-Olden Times-6x8

heres one from a recent trip to rocky mount nc. its an old mill and i think we were trespassing when my bud steve l. and i were painting it. i love the late winter light on the shapes. i was showing steve how to capture the temperature of the light and a way to not fuss with the detail. i say "make pretty shapes"

Keys Eatery2-12x16
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my new rendition of Keys Eatery. this used to be one of my fave cuban restaurants in key west. it was out of business last year. maybe somebody else will open one this year!
in todays lesson i'll show you how i revamped a painting leaning on my studio wall for a couple of years. getting in the mood for southern latitudes this week.
the older painting needed something. it lacked ummphhhh! so i:
  1. beefed up the saturation (chroma) of most of the shapes
  2. made a bigger contrast in alot of the areas
  3. cooled off with purple the treees way in the back to make em go back more while accentuating the tree to the far right bringing it closer
  4. whitened the roof on the small house in the back to make it POP more
  5. got rid of the puddle of water in front of the restaurant
  6. darkened the trunk area of the two palms. the first ones are too light and destroy the shadow pattern
  7. made the palm shapes more interesting with more contrast against the sky. the french word in contre jour literally "against the day". isnt that a beautiful term?
Keys Eatery-12x16


Klinger Studios said...

I love the newer version of this. I also love my little one of the same scene!

mike rooney studios said...


Kikiblanca said...

Hi Mike,

I know 5 brothers well. Love the second rendition. I bought a little painting you did last year of our house while you were in the keys. Always nice work.