Monday, November 26, 2012

SOLD-Swan Quarter Profile-7 x 7.75

i taught a private lesson today in swan quarter marina, and i did this demo to show how to start a painting, and how to concentrate on three ideas when blocking in.
 in summary they are:   2.correct values  3. overstate the colors/temperatures (initially)

i'm in nc till the end of december and if you'd like to come to topsail island for a lesson or two email me. the first hour is $35 and $25 each hr. after that. when i get to key west i'll be doing lessons in the afternoons, so if you get too cold where you live and you want to paint outside in shorts, then go home and run the A/C while you watch snow storms on the weather channel (from farther up north) come on down.

doing a demo and selling out of a box of new smaller paintings (all unframed and super affordable) at City Art in Greenville december thursday 6th. if youre in the area come by and buy a bunch of em! LOL

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