Thursday, February 7, 2013

SOLD-Cayo Hueso Eatery 0207B- 6x8

this place is right across from my gallery on greene st.
painting away on some bigger pieces for the upcoming show in march and started class monday. do i ever like that 12:30 afternoon time slot! great for folks like me that hate the early morning shift.
lets talk about shadows today. ive noticed that most people just paint them one color. if you look hard at them they are darker the closer they are to the object that is causing the shadow. as they move out into the open they start to get that cooler blue from the sky reflecting into them. theyre a lot of fun to paint if you look for the different "color bands" that are always present. keep it subtle and they'll look more realistic than if you just paint them one color (temperature) the whole length of the shadow. give it a try.


RENE said...

Hi Mike! Great painting as usual!
One comment's CAYO and not CAYA....Be cool!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for the heads up rene

Wendy Barrett said...

Hi Mike,
Have just discovered your blog. I really love the light and colour you capture in your paintings. Beautiful!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks wendy!