Saturday, March 2, 2013


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i love the lighting effect on this one. you can feel the cool lavendar light permeating all the objects in the scene.
went out the other day just to paint. i know.... i hear you saying "dude thats what you do everyday". well yes and no.
this day i went out NOT looking for something sellable to paint. i went out and just looked around for anything that interested me whether it was marketable or not.
i read a blog a year ago that had a good idea in it. she said that for every two paintings she painted for sale, she painted one that she wanted to paint that wasnt destined for the gallery. i liked that philosophy and tho i dont do one for two, i've made a habit of painting a few just for me. theyre not something that you'd expect someone to put on their wall.
i always say these are the ones my kids will get when i die. lucky them LOL

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