Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SOLD Shady Elgin-12x16

one from the show. shady lanes abound in key west and i rarely get tired of trying to capture the feel of one on a late afternoon. notice how i made you go right into the scene by making you hop into the middle of the "donut" composition. edgar payne.the great california landscape painter that wrote a book on landscape painting describes this as an "o" composition. there is also an "L" composition the runs up one side of the canvas and across, either at the bottom or top (wont see that too much). there's also a diagonal composition that runs corner to corner

below is a pic of some of the 18 very studious conchs from key largo in my three day workshop sponsored by the Art Guild of the Purple Isles this week.

we were working on cape cod underpainting today and yesterday i drilled into them the importance of value. i know i know,,,,which comes first the chicken or the egg? LOL

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