Sunday, March 3, 2013

work in progress 16x20 for upcoming show

heres the underpainting for my next painting. i love the composition as the wall points back into the painting to the house. the reflection points down and the dark reflection of a palm gets you going up to the boat, and round and round.
these are the overstated colors and you can see the orange underpainting under the greens. the house wont be that yellow and the blue sky and water will go over the pinks. the wall will get cooled down and grayed out to show weathered concrete.

the study of this was from Boca Chica just up from key west. i was drawn to the subtle hazy light effect and reflections.

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Klinger Studios said...

Very nice piece. I'm wondering if you use orange as well as magenta in your underpainting? Also, do you still use the Pintura panels? I just watched that youtube video and the basic palette video. Very helpful! I'm resolving to be better with my palette this year!!!