Thursday, May 2, 2013

Looking Down on Capt Charlies-12x16-0502B

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this week i painted this colorful 12x16. its the second one this size i've done from a smaller study i did several years ago, when i was on a residency trip to bald head island. imagine getting a free place to stay and a golf cart to get around on, and all you have to do is paint all day long, wake up and do it all over again. just so they can say there's an artist on the island. what a gig!there is nothing else to do on this remote island resort, but paint beautiful scenes like this one all day. was over there almost a week. i think it takes at least that long to pick up  on the vibe of the place youre trying to capture. its great when people,who have been to the island before, say looking at my paintings take them back there!

Workshop News
want to take one of my workshops in Hot Lanta (atlanta) this may 17-19
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