Thursday, May 23, 2013


NOTE added 7/17/13: Sanded down and painted over this one!
my newest from a few days of painting in atlantic nc. one of the last bastions of small fisherman docks around these days. the business has been so bad for so long that for the few left that continue the family business (after several generations) cant find places to put their boats with easy open water access. they are even being squeezed out of these old rickety type docks. its even dangerous to be on some of em painting. and dont back up and check your painting from a few feet away, without looking or you'll fall in a big hole in the dock and break something. i'd say a good hospital is over an hour away if you did. so i bring you these paintings at great danger to my well being LOL hope you like it!

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Justin Holdren said...

Awesome painting Mike! Love how the shapes read well without being overdone. I'm headed down to Calabash and Ocean Isle next Weekend to paint some docks and boats myself. Take care.