Monday, September 2, 2013

SOLD-Teds Corner-6x8

a little ditty from one of the old sections of Brewster on the cape. met ted whose grandfather built the cottages. Ted is in his eighties, i'm sure, so that tells you how old the older cottages have to be. loved the light key the afternoon this was painted. and the way I painted the car!
the show was a smashing success. fun was had by all! sold a bunch of paintings and met lots of really nice people. thanks for the party liz!

click the link for monhegan video clip below to see a clip from a cliff scene we were painting on monhegan island this past week. looks like you're going to fall off the cliff! thanks for the clip sue
click here>>>monhegan video clip


Marla said...

This is beautiful!

Love the Monhegan video - how was it painting with all that wind?

mike rooney studios said...

thanks marla
it was a little hairy being that close to the edge of sheer cliffs. one wrong step and bye bye! but breathtaking views!