Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In Progress 8x20

In Progress-8x20
using Near Millis Seafood as the reference

here's a pic of one of several ive got in the studio pipeline. I use blues, oranges and several values of pinks and lavenders to underpaint with. I like to get rid of the really orange paint the canvas started out as. you can see peeks of it in areas that will probably get highlites on it. I work out the value scheme and drawing in this phase, as well as the temperature scheme. I let this dry and then go back on top of it. I love this part of painting process. very intuitive and love the loose manner I work in (at this stage).
my plan is to keep a lot of that even as I put more accurate colors and marks down.
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Melissa I. said...

Hi Mike, looks like that is your personal FB page. Here is the link to your studio page:

Unknown said...

Yeah, thanks for the link to your facebook fan page(well, thanks to Melissa)! I go to your blog daily, always check out daily paintworks from here.