Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Underpainting Tips

 here are a few sequence shots of a commission (22x28) that I'm working on. I'm working from a photo and drew everything on in a burnt orange and worked up values in alizarin crimson for the darks and burnt orange values for the mids. then I put yellow down for the side walk because I want it to have some warmth when I put the brick color over it down the line. see the light pattern already developing even at this early stage. everythings highly colored and saturated at this stage.
in this shot you can see I'm developing the cars and and the facades of the buildings. these colors are more realistic and I'm sticking to my value plan from stage one. I like the way the trees are blending right into the building so I want to make sure I preserve that in the final product. love the looseness of this so far. I'd love to keep that as well. I say that everytime but THIS time I'm going to do it  :)
Will be heading to Key West/Key Largo pretty soon so if you're down in the keys during the winter and would like some private lessons drop me an email.

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