Friday, November 29, 2013

in progress- near millis seafood

Stage Two of the 8x12 I'm working on. I'm using a very large "crappy" bristle brush that I buy at the hardware store for less than a dollar. I take scissors and shape it into a homemade filbert shape. there's no way I can paint accurate small shapes and this tends to work for me keeping the "big Picture" forefront in my mind. Large abstract shapes without concern for what the "things" are.
mostly staying in the darks and mids range of tones still. i'll let this sit a day or two and come in with adjustments to color and temperature, and then when I'm happy with that i'll start putting in smaller subtle shapes of similar value within each shape. then i'll finish up with a few details for a nice contrast the "big look" shapes.
note: scroll down a post or two to see what stage one looked like

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