Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New 8x10

The Outsider- 8x10- oil on canvasboard
Available at Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro

Had fun with this verrrry difficult bowl. it has a weird amber hue to it and the scallops along the top are a real challenge. i feel like i did just ok with it all. when i get this bowl down,there wont be any glass that i wont be able to paint! Isnt that what challenging yourself is all about? i used to practice playing pool with a pool stick stuck in the pocket (to make it smaller) that way when i was playing for money the pocket seemed huge (without the stick in it)
same thing with this bowl. hope you like this one, if not the glass maybe the peppers.

i want to take this opportunity to thank alice and mary for helping me correct some photographing issues. y'all are the best.... thanks!


Anonymous said...

Wham- Mike you got that carnival glass so dean on. I recognized it before you described it as " amber color glass". Well, it looks like carnival glass to me.

Great colors all around in this one and the new one too- the bright flowers on the stripe chair.

You're right about the thankful parts.

mike rooney studios said...

glad you liked the glass and peppers. never heard of carnival glass. the scalloped top was the hardest part. hard enough drawing the oval part of a bowl then add on that scallop. Whew!
i wasnt sure about the chair and flowers. wanted to stress the stripes and downplay the flowers, vase and chair.