Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Outdoor Stilllife

Amber Glass- 8x10- palette knifed oil on canvasboard

i took this amber bowl i bought at a thriftstore outside in the sunlite and tried to capture the shimmering yellow reflections. wish you could see all the subtle, pure color mixes.
nothing beats painting outside, nothing!
it sold very quickly so i bought three more glass bowls and i'm looking forward to setting them in the sun and painting them too.


Jeff Mahorney said...

Dude! I really dig this Mike!. It's so rich and the purple plays so well off the yellow. Broken color is awesome in that shadow. I've got to put my brushes down and pick up the palette knife one of these days

mike rooney studios said...

jeff- thanks man. i like the shimmer. dont think i could get that with a brush. the knife is a natural for some things. lets get together soon to paint.call me when you wanna go.

Anonymous said...

Great abstract quality about this. Like it a lot!
-Paul D. in Nags Head

mike rooney studios said...

hey paul- glad to see you stopped by! i really liked this piece and really hated to part with this one. somebody once told me that artists make the mistake of selling ALL their best work instead of hanging onto it and having it around them to use as a platform to improve on. as far as paletteknife work is concerned this one of the bowl comes the closest to what i want to achieve of all the ones done to date.
thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. keep the OBX straight till i get out there in a few weeks.