Friday, November 7, 2008

Two of Three Done Today

Rod-O-Rama - 8x10
$275 framed
available at Art Source Gallery in Raleigh

4 O'Clock at Rialto Theater- 8x10
at Art Source Gallery in Raleigh

WOW 8x10 is a huge canvas after working for the last several weeks on my 6x6 and 6x8's.
i saw this old rod and loved the name of the shop. kept rattleing it around in my head while i was painting and kept thinking how it sounded like the buzzword of the week--Obama. i know... i'm losing it!
in this one i loved the old car seat sitting behind the hot rod in front of the showroom window.

the next one was the Rialto Theater in the Five Points area of Raleigh. best known for the frequent showings it has of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. never seen it.

sold 20 of these little blog paintings in one whack today to a customer crazy about the little still lifes, landscapes and quirky stuff i paint and post on here. gotta go back on here and mark em all sold. yeeehaaaa!


Anonymous said...

Mike- that's just fantastic. You're painting canvas hotcakes and they're going fast.

Love the sun bleached colors in these two and the Eastern NC building facade of the previous post too.

Great- all of them.
I knew you when......

mike rooney studios said...

bonnieluria- thanks. coming from you, that means alot. whats cool about all the little ones going is the fact that all of them are subject matter i want to paint. when i try to do them larger and have to sell them at gallery prices i still own them a year later. i'd do em all small and sell em for less if i could live off them only. i love our old buildings in eastern NC. they have so much character!
thanks for stopping by!