Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comfy Chair-10x8

This one will be in the October show of my interior works. i'm getting better at not waiting till the last minute and rushing the work. i dont think you can't paint well, consistently, when you do it that way.
Interiors are different to paint than landscapes i think. in an interior there's a lot of reflected light bouncing around. the key is to figure out in your head what is in the light and what is not. then stick with that throughout the painting, making sure that even if something in a shadow looks very light and/or warm that you paint it darker in value than the things in the light.
thats the fun everyday when i paint. trying to get better and better, one painting at a time. then you die.

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anne h ward said... are a teacher thro and thro and a danged good one. thank you so much for all you share with us....great redo...have some am going to try.