Sunday, July 18, 2010

Interior Works "in the Works"

Room Full of Day
Its been a busy year of travel and shows so far and it looks like 2011 will be about the same! just got the schedule for my Studios of Key West workshops and teaching schedule along with the invitation to have a solo show there in january. the show and 3 day workshop will be january (workshop the 4th-6th) and i'll be teaching a knife painting workshop every wednesday of february. let me know if youre interested in signing up. space is limited and there's already alot of interest.
the above interior is a color/composition study for some interior paintings i'm going to ship to a gallery for an exhibition of them in october. i love having something to paint in the studio when its raining or overcast and cant paint outside. i do beach people and interiors but have laid off doing still lifes for a while. they dont seem to get me jazzed and i dont like painting things that i'm not crazy about. hopefully that excitement for the subject matter translates into a certain energy the viewer can pick up on.
i'll give you the details for the october thing as it nears!


Lowell Douglas Holder said...

Beautiful. Composition. Values. Harmony. Colors. I am reminded of a bedroom scene you painted.

Klinger Studios said...

Very nice, Mike; nice quality of light. And a new subject matter for you (new to me, anyway). A question on the workshops: will the once-a-week knife wksps. be held in Key West as well?

mike rooney studios said...

doug- thanks! ive done a few bedroom scenes and have a few on tap for this show of interior pcs. hope you like em

christine- ive done interiors off and on for years but just not in the past year.
the once a week workshop will be at the Studios of Key West (their arts council) and will run every week in february from 1-4 pm.