Friday, July 23, 2010

Lots of Studio Work This Week

Backyard Still Life- 12x16

contact me if you like this one

i'm on a bit of a studio kick right now. partly because the heat index is around 100 and partly because i tweaked my back kiteboarding the other day. then the next day it went totally out. brought me to my knees. any of you who have had that happen know exactly what i'm talking about. four days later i can walk ok but sitting is still uncomfortable and i can feel it want to seize up. better tho' than a few days ago.

this one was started and almost completed outside, and i repainted the water, the pears, flowers and table top this morning in the studio.


Klinger Studios said...

Nice piece. And nice backyard!

Unknown said...

Mike - I love this painting today. About your back - get yourself on an intense stretching program - even hire a trainer to work you through it. It will make a world of difference! I suffered through 5 weeks of pain and the only thing that got rid of it was exercise, stretching and more exercise! Treating it gently only made it worse. Good luck! Oh yes - a few days of pain patches helped me get through the hard part.

Klinger Studios said...

Mike- I hope your back is better. I strained mine awhile back (no pun intended) and got over it quickly because I really babied it. No stretching. Muscle pain - stretch, gently; nerve pain - rest. In my humble opinion, anyway.
P.S. I got my (your) painting in the mail today. I love it! And, amazingly, I had a nice frame that fit it. Thanks!

mike rooney studios said...

christine and miriam
thanks for the advice about the back. hopefully it'll come around so i can get back outside and paint. until then i guess i'll be in the studio doing interiors for that show in october. being in the a/c is feeling pretty good these days tho i must say!
glad you liked your painting of Jose's!

Akshayxpear said...

naice..:) :) keep uploadin d cool stuff

check out my sketches and my photographs at my blog

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Mike!... Discovered your site thru' Frank Gardner's! Glad that I did!

Love this still life-landscape... a real "upper"...especially when "You" are in a very
"downer-but not out'er" physical state!

Lovely colour and design!

I'm a Follower!

Good Painting... and healin'!
Warmest regards,
Bruce Sherman

Steve said...

Mike, I've been thru the bad back stuff-surgery and everything. My best advice to you is this...
go to a doctor.
If the pain radiates from your back to you butt, leg, etc., make certain you go see a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Do NOT let an ortho guy treat you when there is nerve involvement.
Aside from that, hope you get better quickly and I'm following along, as usual.
Take care.