Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Fish Tale

note: Just found out that i'll be in a four man show at my gallery in Key West, The Gallery on Greene, in late February. That'll be fun painting for that this winter, instead of shivering my pitooty off in NC!

Intimate Corner- 6x8

Liked the color and warm light in this portrait of a corner in a bedroom. Playing with getting the accuracy i want (in drawing and color) while keeping it loose and fun to look at.
True story! i was out kiteboarding with friends last saturday and was out in the ocean about two pier lengths when i saw a fin about forty yards from me. i wanted to check it out and got right up on him going, i guess 15 mph and decided to get real close when i saw the fin wasnt gi-normous. went right over top of a five foot sand shark. i was so close i could have touched his fin when i went over him while he was cruising along on the surface. that was toooo cooool! never been that close to one (knowingly). Sand sharks are pretty scared of people and only bite when they mistake you for something else. in fact there's been two attacks on swimmers on the coast so far. one in emerald isle and one here on topsail island. bet this was the first time THAT shark was ever afraid of a human. i like the fact i turned the tables on him!


Linda Popple said...

Congratulations on your upcoming show!! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your Key West paintings.

I like this interior painting. You did a great job with capturing the light.

mike rooney studios said...

linda- thank you so much. i'm excited about being a part of the group show in key west with some great painters. i'm enjoying these interiors while the heat index here is in the triple digits.

Klinger Studios said...

Congrats on the 4-person show in KW, Mike - that is so exciting! I like your interiors. I'm wondering if you are painting from observation, from a photograph, or from your mind.

mike rooney studios said...

christine- thanks! theyre from photos

Barbara Bear Jamison said...

LOVE your work and so excited about the shows - That is a GREAT fish story! Tues I was painting with a friend in the evening and an old salt was fishing - a sounder - driving the fish into a net. He had a license he was quick to tell us. He offered us the drum he caught! I thought Tatyana shoud have it, as her husband went fishing early Sunday morning and came home with no fish - she went painting and came home with a whopper!

mike rooney studios said...

barbara- thanks. your fish story is better than mine. a painter bringing home a bigger fish than a fisherman