Sunday, July 4, 2010

On a Roll Now

Boat Meadow
$800 framed
if you like this painting contact me or Elizabeth Rowley Gallery in Orleans, Mass.

how do you like my laundry room studio? i'm staying with two wonderful friends and cape artists Suzanne Packer-McGarr and Dick McGarr, it was a little cloudy this morning so i set up my gear in their laundry room hallway for a few hours tweaking some of the ones i've done in the field the last few days.

if i can paint in a laundry room, i dont want to hear of any of you whining about not having any where to paint, right? if you want to paint nothing will stop you!


Klinger Studios said...

Mike- Beautiful. A lovely scenic, and the boats seem to have a life of their own.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks christine- i almost left the boats out of the scene and decided to add them. sure glad i did. they make a nice foreground and set the stage for the expansive scene.

Mick said...

Hey Mike I've been busy on the remodel so been awhile since logging on the web to say thanks again for lunch.After you left i decided the chook house needed more painting light so i found my big hammer and put a new blade in the zawsaw and cut in 3 new windows-huge difference so it was worth the swet in this hot weather.
Your laundry room comment about no excuses got me to set up again in the corner of kimmies guest room and wet a brush .Tired or not i'm going to do a bit every evening
You are doing some nice stuff with that palet knife-got to try that and thanks for the tips.At my level it all helps