Monday, July 19, 2010

Rhythms of Light-6x8

contact me if you like this one and i'll give you the price and availability

Another interior, this time from a popular wateringhole on the cape.

i'm having fun suggesting lots and lots of detail with just a brush stroke of paint. thats what makes interior paintings so cool to me. its a complexity/simplicity balance. ruthless editing is how i try my best (in paint) to write a sonnet and not a newspaper article. i want you to hear the clinking of glasses, low hum of talking, and sporadic laughter that gives a restaurant or bar interior its charm.


Judith said...

Mike, Do you approach galleries to show your work or do they approach you? If you approach the gallery, how do you know which one is the best?

mike rooney studios said...

judith- most of the time i approach them after very very carefully researching them to make sure i've made the best decision for that particular city.
the criteria in making that determination would be different for every artist, so i wont get into mine but you do this to make sure youre not pulling out (or being asked to leave LOL) anytime soon. leaving is far harder, ive found, than arriving.