Monday, September 20, 2010


sorry for the bit of glare. dark paint is hard to photograph

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this is the front of a popular seafood restaurant on the morehead city waterfront. done under a street light across the street. night painting is such a trip! everything you think you know goes right out the window. you have to just paint from the gut, observing very closely, mix as close as you can and get what you can down as close as you can out there. it took about twenty minutes in the studio to fix somethings that were impossible to get right out there. i like the light on this one.


DGehman said...

I'm thinking you've begun to channel van Gogh - first you create a fascinating echo of his painting of the bedroom in Arles ( ) on September 1... now you've echoed his Cafe Terrace at Night ( )

If you're really Vince all over again: glad to see you're having a happier life this time.

Have fun in Tuscany. If you get a moment, take the bus to Fiesole, above Florence...


mike rooney studios said...

dave- i'm much happier than old vincent thats for sure.
thats funny.... of all the dead painters, van gogh is one of my least fave. i guess he was an expressionist and ive always leaned towards the impressionists. but hey when its dark you find something like a cafe or restaurant to paint right?