Friday, September 3, 2010

Study #100903-5x5-SOLD

a small study for a larger painting i'm working on. seeing if i like the composition and color harmonies.

Is It Soup Yet?- 6x8
Hurricane Earl just skirted us here on the southern coast of NC and tho the outer banks caught more of his fury, he missed them too. so its back to painting!
and i can breathe a sigh of relief! its freaky having all but two of my galleries in the line of the storm (since theyre almost all right on the coast). Even my gallery on Cape Cod which is supposed to get Earl in a day or two! keep your head down and stay safe Liz! BTW, shipped all the paintings to you today.


DGehman said...

Glad Earl took a turn to the east for you. We're getting the first bands of rain here just west of Boston, but the Weather Channel's just going to have to re-cork the champagne and put the party hats back in the closet. Earl's pretty much a goner.

As for the galleries - guess this is an advantage of stretched canvas over masonite - stretched canvas floats.

Or maybe that's not an advantage. They might float away. Wouldn't want Rooneys just for the picking on the high-tide line...

mike rooney studios said...

dave- was hoping my galleries had some kind of flood insurance if the building blew down and my paintings were floating out to sea. glad Earl took that turn at the last minute. hope you guys up there dont get too wet. looks like he's just been downgraded to a tropical storm. good news for y'all in boston and the cape