Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Post For A Few Weeks

Quick Sketch 9/23- $40- 6x8
first to email me saying they want it gets it. just remember i wont even see the email till i get back from italy in a few weeks. i'll ship then too.

here i did a value sketch of the night painting below it. here's how i do em....

first step-just get the major shapes down as one of three values (in monochromatic paint) . decide is the shape a light, medium or dark value. paint it very simply and FAST. dont worry about edges, paint thickness, nothing. be very quick and intuitive. dont think it to death.

Value Sketch-$25-6x8
contact me if you want it

step two- now go in and paint each shape what it really should be compared to what it is now. example- look at the trees and its reflection. in step one i did em the same didnt i? now i "broke em out" the reflection is a tad lighter. put lighter paint around the moon in the sky. that sort of thing. if you look real close you'll see that the water is just a little darker than the sky. but on the first step i did em together.

here's the one i did outside last night. i really like it. the more i do outside the more confident i feel. get out there the next time we have a full moon and give it a go!

Silvery Shoreline- 6x8
this will be my last post (and probably email too) until i get back from my italian workshop. i've got a great group joining me for my five day class painting the italian landscape. gonna get a fan put into my laptop while i'm gone so i'm not even taking it with me. i'll post when i get back. bye y'all!

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Klinger Studios said...

Mike - Thanks for this great lesson! And bon voyage - have a wonderful trip!