Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Sun Slipped Away-8x10

This is the port in Morehead City at twilite. pretty sure this is going to Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach, just across the causeway from here.
These twilite paintings really test you. between the misquitos and the light changing color every ten minutes. i looked down on my legs and they were almost black with those blood sucking insects from the bowels of hell. my leg literally looked like one of those commercials where the guy sticks his arm in a clear case full of misquitos and theyre all over him. wouldnt you know....i shipped my gear with the OFF bug spray in it over to italy for my upcoming workshop there next week, and had to tuff it out.
then the sky is blue, then orange then pink, then dusty rose and finally very dark. the whole time the objects out in the landscape cant make up their mind what color they want to be either LOL
can see i'll be doing alot of these twilite paintings from about 80% memory after i get the major color notes down.


r garriott said...

Found you through Douglas Hoover.. gorgeous work!

Klinger Studios said...

Very nice, Mike. William Wray-esque, yet very Rooney. I really hope you'll do more of these, and tell us (the basics of) how you do them. I painted last night until I couldn't see my painting anymore. Do you put any light on your piece?

mike rooney studios said...

rgarriot- thanks so much. hoovers one of my painting buddies on the outer banks. good guy and great painter. welcome. come back often

christine- youre right! it is kinda wrayesque isnt it. he likes that heavy industrial look with atmosphere. i did this one strictly in the available twilite and finished it from memory in the studio. just try to get the big color notes down before the skeeters carry you away!