Monday, November 15, 2010

Back from AOC

The Intersection- 9x12
I'm back from my three days of teaching at Art of the Carolina's. what a great event. its the biggest art expo in the country and instructors and students come from all over the country to teach and attend workshops most of the week. i'm honored to be included in the who's who of instructors teaching there.
I taught an all day class on how to paint in the cape cod school of art technique, a class on values, and one on how to simplify and edit a complex scene.
usually have a few weird days coming back from a workshop but i got right on The Intersection plein air the day after AOC and was right in the groove. sometimes i think this painting thing is 50% technical and 50% mental. yeah i know what youre thinking.... i'm mental LOL!


mel magee said...

then, wish i were mental like you;) great painting.
i think teaching makes you better.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks melanie. my teaching is always about the importance of "mastering the basics" and that probably reinforces that idea to me subconciously too, i think