Friday, November 12, 2010

Step by Step Demo- Comfy Chair2

Finished piece
in step 1- i lay in the composition using orange oil pastel over a yellow ochre toned gessoed masonite board -9x12. i sort of grid the reference by drawing an "x" from corner to corner, then draw a horizontal line and a vertical line where the x meets in the middle. then i do the same on the panel. then i transfer the big shapes in each triangle made by the x and lines. then i put down darker cooler colors everywhere not being hit by light, and light warm colors everywhere i see light hitting things.

step two- starting to flesh out the "bones" of the above underpainting. getting more realistic colors down, a tiny bit more detail (smaller shapes within large shapes) and seeing where the painting is leading me. scroll up and down from this photo to the finished piece to see the changes made in the last part of the painting to complete it.

I'm considering holding a three day plein air workshop in Port Clyde, Maine with a day trip to Monhegan Island next August. if its something you might be interested in drop me an email. if there's enough interest it'll be a go! The class itself will cost aproximately $300-$350 for the three days. Maine is one of the most scenic spots on the east coast that time of year.


Klinger Studios said...

Thanks, Mike. Very helpful. Lovely piece, too!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks christina!