Monday, November 1, 2010

In Progress- PTown Painting

Bradford St. Gazing into the Sun-9x12 -in progress

Here's one i started on bradford st. in provincetown today. was using a panel that had texture (like a weave) and really didnt like it. i love my gessoed masonite panels and seem to be able to push the early layers around alot easier than on this "thirsty" panel. this thing reminded me of my old sign painting days when i would try to save a buck and buy a really rough piece of plywood. then i'd try to letter really small, ornate lettering on it. like trying to letter on a piece of toast.

that leads me into todays lesson-Use the same materials everytime.

Painting outside is hard enough when its cold (like today), when its hot, when the bugs are biting, when the tourists are bothering you, and on and on, so why make life any harder? Changing panels, paint, brushes, thinner, painting setups etc etc. just throws huge variables into the painting experience that could potentially go horribly wrong.

Why have the paint slide around like a BP oil slick on your canvas panel because you thought it would be neat to try out this new product. Why have your brushes feel like youre painting with a whisk broom becuase they were on sale for half the price of the ones you love? you see the reasoning.

Sure, try out new products to see if you like em but dont make the mistake i did once. i bought some cheap brushes and threw out the worn out ones i like before going on a long painting trip on Bald Head Island. the brushes i took sucked bad! they only held up two painting sessions before flaying to the point of absurdity and being totally worthless. used the two up i had in four days and had to keep using them for the other seven i was on the island. i muttered under my breath the whole week. not worth the few bucks i saved for sure.

so dont try out new products when youre out there trying to paint. its hard enough already

An ad in Cape Cod Magazine (Nov/Dec) with one of my interiors from the show (far right bottom). The interiors will hang thru the month of November. if youre in Orleans i'd love for you to see em and say hi to Elizabeth, the owner of the gallery.


Karsten said...

Mike - loved your exhibit and demo at the Elizabeth Rowley Gallery yesterday - you make painting look easy! I am enjoying your painting DVD's and look forward to future workshops and personal instruction whenever time permits.

DGehman said...

As Karsten says, a great demo. Meanwhile, that painting panel... it seems like a really coarse weave for 9 x 12. Looks like it should have coats and coats of gesso plus sanding between -- and that sounds too much like work.

mike rooney studios said...

karsten- thanks for the nice words and i'm glad youre enjoying the dvd's. my blog will have all my workshop dates and you can call for private lessons in Key West if you get down there this winter. i look forward to painting with you

dave- that panel was a windsor newton panel and man! what a weave that thing had. dont like gessoeing those store bought panels. they just dont soak in the early layers well. love my masonite panels best. thanks for the panorama photo. Liz loved it.