Monday, November 22, 2010

Ready to Fly-6x8


been on a kick recently to paint things just because they appeal to me. its the act of painting something with absolutely no concern whatsoever for its marketability. a liberating feeling to say the least. i'm only interested in how the light acts in a given scene, with no thought whatsoever to what the subject matter is that i'm painting. even whether somebody might want to buy it or not, doesnt enter into the equation, on days like these.
found this tiny private airport with small planes scattered around a runway thru some woods. the runway was so short i couldnt believe they could get airborne in such a short distance.


Justin Holdren said...

Sweet painting Mike. I always worry about building a reputation as a landscape painter, because that is what I do the most of, but I love all subjects - still life, people,etc. Guess I should not worry about it, it is liberating like you say when you just paint what inspires you without the thought of marketability. Your love of the subject always shows in your paintings, and that makes all "Rooney" paintings marketable!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- we balance on the razors edge of having to make a living, but feeling like we dont work for a boss (the buying public)
i say we should paint what we like. that cant ever be bad!