Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Demo #122110-SOLD

OK. An oldy goldy from several years ago. been hanging around my studio and its time for a new home.
'08-'09 Studio Sale
I'll auction this demo piece off starting at $1
what? yep, a buck!!
Bidding starts now and ends Sunday night (12/26) at midnite.
i'll post bids as they come into my email box so you can keep up with the bidding

older painting

here's the changes i made on this painting tonite:
*Lightened the pink house roof and darkened the pink to put the roof more in the light and the side more in shade
*i felt like the house on the right was a little too light and blue. so i purple/greyed it up and darkened it so it didnt blend into the roof of the pink house or the light of the sky. this gives the right side of the painting more weight and helps balance the painting better.
*darkened the overhang on the dark house's overhang. made the side facing the grass greener
*darkened the trim making it more lavender.
*edited out a few windows on the side of the house
*warmed and darkened the roof on the dark house to seperate it from the sky. i really like the house on the right now.

These dont seem like huge changes but i think it really strengthened the painting

more of todays painting....

We Three Kings-6x8

Each cosmetic bottle has its own vibe. round and squat, bright, regal, super shiny (flashy).its like they have their own personalities. then you see them in little scenarios in your head. this one seemed like Three Kings. I guess the purple and gold colors of royalty influenced me. And yes i know how crazy i sound right now! LOL. Been in the studio too long maybe?

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