Friday, December 3, 2010

Tweaked a Bunch


Unattended 2-9x12
Promised Land-8x10 SOLD

Pollack Street Shadows- 8x8

More from some recent outings. just got them "tweaked"-- the technical name for adding subtle temperature, value and edge work, after getting them home, out of the field. these days i work on them in the studio until i like em. dont care how long that is. i do try to show restraint tho', because there is such a thing as overworking them, where you can lose the right color, and the freshness and spontaneity you get working for only two hours outside in the elements. these days your hands and feet get cold and the sun seems to move much faster during these short early winter days.


mel magee said...

these are incredible. shows you can take any scene and make it beautiful. i like the truck-–good to show scale of those towers.
my hands are frozen too

mike rooney studios said...

melanie- thanks so much! those tanks are huge. the truck was in just the right spot, to show the scale.